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8 Steps to a Healthy Home: The Key for a Healthy Body and Planet

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Your health starts in your home. If you want to get healthy and stay healthy in 2012, begin by taking eight small steps to make your home toxin-free. It’s really pretty simple. Start by first becoming aware of what goes in you, on you, and surrounds you. Why? Because on an average day you are exposed to hundreds of untested chemicals… from the additives in your food and personal care products to things you come in contact with like your mattress or household cleaning products or even your pots and pans.

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10 Ways To Tell If A Product Is (Or Isn’t) Really ‘Natural’

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

“Natural,” “Nontoxic” or even “Eco-Safe” on the label of your shampoo, deodorant or makeup, makes you think it’d be made with healthy, safety-tested ingredients, right? Well, not always. Unlike drugs, The FDA doesn’t review cosmetic or personal care ingredients for safety before they hit the market. Also, manufacturers routinely do something known as greenwashing: using misleading, vague or even false claims about the eco/health benefits of their products. That leaves us wondering whether our lipstick, skin cream or wrinkle serum is safe. Reports say that many contain chemicals linked to cancer, infertility, hormone imbalances, birth defects, neurological issues and other health problems.

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