A Healthy Home Creates a Healthy Body!


If you’re ready to make some simple changes to increase your energy level and vitality, and avoid the dangers lurking inside your home that can cause birth defects, learning disabilities, obesity, fatigue, allergies, asthma, and other serious health problems…you’ve come to the right place.

Beth Greer — aka Super Natural Mom® — is a green holistic health coach and healthy home expert who’ll help you turn your home into a safe haven.

Click here for Beth’s talk at Google on the missing shade of green — avoiding the toxins in our everyday products.

Tap into her wealth of knowledge and inspiration through her best-selling book, “Super Natural Home,” her in-home consulting, live events, classes, and topical articles.

You will…

  • Learn information that may save your life.
  • Identify and eliminate toxins that you never suspected you are being exposed to.
  • Know The Fearful 5 – substances that zap your energy and vitality, make you look old, and can make you sick.
  • Discover the most important room in your home and how to transform it into a safe haven.
  • Get tips for making the safest, healthiest choices in personal care products, cosmetics, toys, household cleaners, furniture, food, and water.
  • Eliminate or dramatically reduce the electromagnetic radiation that’s surrounding you.
  • Enhance your own health and well-being while reducing your footprint on the planet.

Beth offers:

Click here to learn how Beth eliminated a tumor without drugs or surgery.

beth-greer-11-11Beth, aka The Super Natural Mom, is the best-selling author of “Super Natural Home,” an expert on toxin-free living, speaker, holistic lifestyle educator, and environmental health advocate. She specializes in helping parents with breakthrough, drug-free approaches to treating kids with behavioral problems, Autism, ADHD, anxiety, and addiction. She’s Founder of SpeakEasy Salons (a health series for women), and former President of The Learning Annex, a nationally acclaimed adult education company. Beth eliminated a tumor in her chest without drugs or surgery by making small but significant lifestyle shifts. She helps educate people through her webcasts, personalized in-home (or Skype) detox consults, and webinar trainings


Email Beth at with any questions, or give her a call at 415-497-1844.

Super Natural Home: Learn How Small Lifestyle Shifts can Improve Your Health and Home