Product Specifications
All the products listed on this site:
  • Must be free of any known human carcinogens or mutagens
  • Must not contain compounds or substances which cause or contribute to the creation of atmospheric greenhouse gases, ground level smog or ozone depletion
  • Must not be corrosive to skin or inanimate surfaces
  • Must not be a skin or eye irritant
  • Must not be delivered in single use aerosol cans or cans using ozone depleting propellants
  • Must not contain petroleum-derived or petrochemical blended fragrances
  • Must not contain petroleum distillates

  • Must not contain heavy metals that are toxic to humans, animal life or the environment
  • Must not contain phthalates
  • Must not contain chlorine, chlorinated or brominated solvents
  • Must not contain compounds that persist or bio-accumulate in human or animal tissue or in the environment
  • Must not be listed on the hazardous air pollutants list of the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Must be readily biodegradable
  • Should be obtained or derived from replenishable natural (plant) sources whenever possible