In “10 Easy Ways to Have a Super Natural Home” By Beth Greer, the Super Natural Mom™ you’ll learn 10 easy ways to decrease the amount of chemical toxins you are exposed to daily. Not only will you be healthier, your home will be transformed into a safe haven, and you will also help create a healthier planet!

You’ll also receive Beth’s Super Natural Home Quiz as a special bonus! This 20 question quiz from the book “Super Natural Home,” will help you determine where, when and how you are unwittingly being exposed to dangerous chemicals from everyday products in your home.

You’ll also receive my 5 videos on How to Have a Healthy Kitchen:

  1. Is it really important to eat Organic?
  2. Is it OK to eat high fructose corn syrup?
  3. Is it safe to eat artificial sweeteners?
  4. Which is better: bottled water or tap water?
  5. What’s an inexpensive and safe household cleaner?

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